For some years, members of clubs in the Auckland area who were interested in soaring, gathered at Ambury Park Farm  

for sailplane contests. Initially known as the Auckland Area Soaring Series, then latterly as AucklandSoar, these fliers

formed a formal club in 1994 for the promotion of all types of soaring and electric flight.

We are happy to welcome anyone interested in this aspect of model aviation to join our ranks.
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AucklandSoar Aims
 • To provide a friendly environment for those interested in soaring and electric flight to pursue their sport.
 • To arrange contests for the various classes of models in this discipline, both club and for a wider area.
 • To hold evening meetings for discussion and demonstrations pertinent to flying and building sailplanes.
 • To keep fees to a reasonable minimum and encourage wide membership.
 • To help newcomers to the sport to learn to fly safely.
 • To maintain a central flying site and to control flying thereon to ensure safety to people, property and other airspace

 • To publish regular newsletters to keep members informed of contest results, future programme, items of interest for

   construction and doings of members.


Curently AucklandSoar has about 25 members. Flying Membership. Entitles full voting, flying etc. privileges. Members

must be affiliated to the NZMAA (New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association / Model Flying New Zealand.) which

governs model aviation in New Zealand, provides third party insurance and a national magazine called "Model Flying

World". Affiliation may be through this or another club.

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AucklandSoar runs a series of contests for different classes - one or two per month for which Annual Trophies are

awarded. There is also an overall Champion.

Points are aggregated over 12 months.

Our members are invited to fly at contests run by other clubs mainly in the Auckland - Waikato area but as distant as

Tauranga and even Palmerston North. All these events are listed in our calendar for the year and also published in the

newsletter for a couple of months ahead.

Members are elegible to fly in all National events and may be picked for teams in International events.



Members supply their own aircraft, radio, launching gear.

The club has a frequency control board, and various other bits of equipment for the running of contests including a club

winch and a bungy for use by members who do not have their own.

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